Xamuel.com Blog Carnival, Edition 3

This edition is extremely delayed! But I finally got around to it. Surprisingly, there weren’t a lot of submissions, once the spam was tossed out. Maybe next edition will have more.

Henry writes a very random tale: Resolving Things like Gentlemen.

Corbett Barr writes: How to Blog if You’re Not as Witty as Your Favorite Blogger Because, hey, not everyone can be as witty as yours truly *flex*

Matt Eventoff presents: Public Speaking for Professional Athletes. Not sure how many pro athletes are browsing this blog carnival, but if any of you are, Matt’s got some pointers how to behave next time the cameras are on you ;)

Therealmind writes about a planned move to Spain. Nothing quite like moving countries to shake things up in your life.

John writes: There Is A New Blogging Star Born Everyday, Are You Next? I dunno, it seems like there are plenty of articles already which fall under the category “blogging about blogging”. But it’s a sincere submission (which is more than one can say about 90% of the spam submitted to blog carnivals), so I’ll give it a listing.

Xamuel.com Blog Carnival, Edition 2

Forgive me for making this edition a few days late!!

That’s it for Edition 2. Look forward to getting some great submissions for Edition 3!!


Now Accepting Submissions for Edition 2

If you have a particularly great blog article and you’d like to get it some extra publicity, get some extra eyeballs on it, then you should submit it to the next edition of this carnival. You can do that at the following link:


Looking forward to getting some great submissions!


Xamuel.com Blog Carnival, Edition 1

Only nine submissions, so I’ll fill in the tenth with one of my own articles. We should end things on a cheerful note, so here are One Hundred Things that Make Me Happy :)

First Carnival Edition Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the first edition of this blog carnival… yay!! :) Looking forward to sharing some articles

Accepting Submissions for Issue #1

Submissions for issue #1 are now being accepted! To submit an article, go here: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/cprof_9461.html. This month, I will accept ten offers to feature!

Ten Reasons to Host or Participate in a Blog Carnival

Here are ten reasons to host or participate in a blog carnival.

  • Get more readers.

    We’re all looking to expand our readership. Blog carnivals are a good way to do that.

  • Make connections in the blogosphere.

    No blog is an island. Blog carnivals are a good way to make friends and connections in the blog world.

  • Find great content to read.

    A good blog carnival is like having someone filter out the cruft from the blogging world, letting you read the better articles which stand out above the rest.

  • Expand your reality by reading about new things.

    The quality of our lives is determined by how many things we allow into our reality. Blog carnivals are a great way to discover new fields you didn’t even know existed.

  • Learn from fellow writers.

    Part of being a blogger is the constant journey to become a better writer. It helps a lot to have exposure to other writers– perhaps you can learn some lessons the easy way, which those writers had to learn the hard way.

  • Get feedback on your own writing.

    Submitting articles to a blog carnival is a fantastic way to get a sense which of your articles “make the cut”. It’s tough love, but if your articles aren’t making it onto the carnivals, at least you know you need to work on it.

  • Stay in touch with the latest technology.

    Part of being connected to other bloggers is you don’t get left behind by the ever evolving technology of internet writing.

  • Get ideas for new topics to pursue on your own blog.

    Ever suffered from writer’s block? Remember, nothing under the sun is new. Browsing through what others have written might just lead you to a subject which really excites your own writing juice.

  • Get indexed by the search engines faster.

    The old phrase, “build it and they will come,” no longer works now that the internet exists. You can write great content, but the search engines won’t even know it exists if you don’t publicize it somehow. Blog carnivals are a fantastic way to get the word out.

  • Have fun!

    The ultimate reason to do anything is for fun. Blog Carnivals mix the fun of a reading club and a writing co-op. You’ll never run out of excellent new things to discover through a blog carnival!

The main site to get you started is Blog Carnival, where it all began. There are thousands of blog carnivals to peruse, and when you have lots of experience with blogging, you can start your own!

Launching the Xamuel.com Blog Carnival

This is the official first post at the Xamuel.com Blog Carnival.  I decided to run a blog carnival to give a little back to the blogosphere which has given me so much in the past couple years :)   If you aren’t already aware, a blog carnival is a blog which hosts periodic linkfests to other blogs who submit articles to be featured.  I won’t be posting everything people submit– they tend to submit a lot of spam, of course– I’ll only feature and link to articles which I deem worthy.  I can’t even promise I’ll be able to read everything people submit– I’ll do my best :)

I’ll generally tend to favor articles which are in line with the contents at Xamuel.com, but those contents are very widely varied indeed, so that’s not very limiting, is it ;)

Happy blogging… :)